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akira, alien, ambient, androids, anime, anthony rother, armitage, biomechanoids, biotechnology, blade runner, blame, blame!, bleach: heat the soul, bluejacker, bluetooth, boogiepop phantom, caffeine, carlos castaneda, castaneda, clubbing, coded arms, cognitive science, computers, console games, consoles, cyber, cyberculture, cybernetics, cyberpunk, cyberpunks, cyborgs, dance, dancing, death, dnb, doom, douglas lain, dreams, drum & bass, drum 'n' bass, drum and bass, drum'n'bass, dynasty warriors, ebm, electro, electronic, electronic music, electronica, electronics, elfen lied, emotions, enemies, ergo proxy, euthanasia, experimental, experimental music, fallout, fear, fighting games, foto, generation gap, ghost in shell, ghost in the shell, gibson, giger, h.p lovecraft, h.r giger, hacker, hentai, i.d.m., idm, implants, industrial, infinity, information technology, internet, japanese animation, jrpg, kazantip, kraftwerk, lain, life, machines, making music, manga, megapolis, megapolis fm, memory stick duo, mesh, metal gear acid, mind, mind control, music, nanotechnology, netrunner, neurofunk, neurotech, philip k dick, philip k. dick, phillip k. dick, philosophy, photo, playstation, playstation portable, proxy, psp, psychology, reality, ribofunk, robot, robot sex, robotica, robots, ruffing, salvador dali, sci-fi, science fiction, serial experiments lain, sex, sillent hill, smoking while drinking, sony, sony playstation portable, sony psp, spirituality, stand alone complex, steampunk, surfing, synthpop, taboo, tech-step, techno, technofetish, technology, techstep, tehno, tenchu, texhnolyze, the future, the internet, the wired, umd, umd media, urban trip, videogames, virtual reality, william gibson, wipeout pure, wired, wolf's rain

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